WinCorner Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Can I use FmView as stand alone program or add it to a File Manager or Explorer replacement?

A: FmView 2.0: You can simply copy the file fmvapp.dll and give it the new name fmvapp.exe. FmView 1.4: You can simply copy the file fmvdde3.dll and give it the new name fmvdde3.exe. You can then pass a file name as parameter and the FmView will open and then display that file. Pass @ to open up an empty FmView window. You might then be able to add a menu item to your application that launches fmvapp.exe (fmvdde.exe). Note that running fmvapp.exe (fmvdde.exe) with NO parameter does not open FmView.

Q: I'd like to view Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP or Excel 97/2000/XP documents. Is there a solution available?

A: Simply upgrade to FmView 2.0 or 1.4.

Q: Can I delete the directory from where I have run the FmView INSTALL.EXE?

A: Absolutely NOT. The INSTALL.EXE does not copy any files. This directory where FmView now resides. If you would like to move FmView to a different directory then follow this procedure:
Run INSTALL.EXE to deinstall FmView
Restart Windows!!!!!!!!
Move all files in the old FmView directory to the new directory
Run the INSTALL.EXE again to reinstall FmView

Q: I cannot access the help for FmView. I get a message saying: "Cannot find the fmview.hlp file. Do you want to try to find this file yourself?".

A: Simply answer yes and then locate your fmview directory in the browse dialog that follows.

Q: Will there be newer 16 bit versions in the future?

A: FmView 1.4 will be the last 16 bit version.

Q: After installing the old FmView 1.3 under NT 4.0, upon restarting NT, I get the following error message box with the title "fmviewf9.dll" and the text "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in My Computer by clicking View and then clicking Options."

A: Simply upgrade to FmView 2.0.  

Q: After installing FmView on Windows NT the FmView works from Explorer but not from File Manager.

A: You need to log on with an Administrator account and then run install.exe again.

Q: After setting up my registration I still get the "Unregistered" writing in the Explorer context menu.

A: A reboot should solve this problem.


Q: I can't seem to create a directory or rename a file to a name that contains spaces.

A: You must enclose the file name in double quotes in the File Manager dialog box.

Q: I get an error message when I try to copy or move files by dragging them from the list view to the tree view if the destination directory has a name that contains spaces.

A: Due to a bug in File Manager it is not possible. In this case you must open a second window and drag the file from one list view to the list view of the other window.

Q: I am unable to copy, move, or rename directories with a name that contains spaces.

A: It does not work in the tree view. Here's a simple workaround: In the source window simply select the parent directory and then select the directory name that you want to work with in the list view. You can drag to either another treeview or listview.

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